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Yes, we are going to discuss about how you can get free backlinks from some High PR web 2.0 websites. Before going any further, we should first know what basically a Web 2.0 is? How you can really get benefited from it?  At the end of this I am going to provide you with the High PR Web 2.0 websites that you can use for link building.

A web 2.0 site is the short term for web 2.0 blogging websites. It allows the user to make blogs; post content on them, most of them are free of cost. WordPress can be the best example as a web 2.0 website, every site created under WordPress hosting is different from the previous one.

You have a money site and you want it to be on top of search engines so that you can earn from it. The web 2.0 platforms allow you to publish your own content, which you can link to your money site.

The Web 2.0s are considered to be the most powerful tool for generating unique backlinks and boost your ranking on search engines. If you are able to find domains that have DA of around 97-98 like Wordpress, Blogspot or Tumblr, your site is going to get huge authority and very powerful backlinks.

The Web 2.0 blogs get ready in seconds and you can start posting content on it without paying even a single penny.

Backlinks from a web 2.0 can be created very easily and what is more important to consider is that the backlinks are completely under you control. If the Google metrics evolve and you need those backlinks to be modified or removed you can easily accomplish it.

Every backlinks that you get from a web 2.0 brings you some boost in your ranking. You can have as many number of Web 2.0 websites linking to your website. There is an endless list of web 2.0s and you can use them all to create hundreds of web 2.0s.

How the Web 2.0 backlinks works?

When you create a web 2.0 blog you get a sub domain along with the main domain for example the blog is SEOYARD.Blogspot.com. As the root domain BlogSpot has high DA value, the sub domain automatically gets the benefit from it. Now if you are able to get 50 backlinks from one such Web 2.0, your website is going to boost as a rocket and rule the search engine.

NOTES: Always avoid interlinking the web 2.0 websites, it will help you to avoid foot prints on the money site and also makes the backlinks look natural.

Web 2.0 backlinks are available for free, stay completely in your control and you can have as many web 2.0s you want. Below is the list of the High PR web 2.0 websites that I promised earlier, enjoy blogging and use the web 2.0s well.

Web 2.0 Sites List

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