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Having unique content and copyscape or plagiarism proof content on your website is currently considered to be the most important SEO factor nowadays.

Search engines do consider the content put up on blogs and websites very seriously. The plagiarism checking system has got developed and they track and find out copy paster’s and charge them for not having original content on their website.

If you need unique contents you need to write them personally. Make sure they are unique and informative and most importantly not plagiarised. It is difficult isn’t it? NO!!! There is actually a pretty awesome solution for this. Make use of the Free Article Spinning tools.

What is article spinning?

Spinning here doesn’t involve going round and round with your content……Article spinning is method used to create attractive and unique content for your readers, making it pleasing with different synonyms and thesaurus. In short the article spinning tools help you to get unique content for free with just a single click.

Being a SEO professional, I am always on a hunt for unique articles for my clients, which I can use in my services. You can’t always write it down, right!!! As because it’s very time consuming. And then 

I have the free article spinning tools to my rescue.
Here are the two most useful tools that I prefer to use every time I need lots of unique content.


As the name suggests this is probably the best free spinner available on the internet. Why? The best answer can be, because it allows you to get different unique versions of an article in few seconds. It lessens the burden of writing new articles every time.

How it works?

It is very simple to us. Get an article, copy it and paste it on the work area provided to you on the website. Now just after you click on the spin article option. The tool will automatically spin the article; find out matching synonyms for almost every word and provide you with a unique article to use.

Once you click on spin article, it will guide you to the next page. This will consist of three boxes; first one will have the spinned article in syntax form i.e. {Word1 | Synonym1 | Synonym2} {Word2| synonym1|synonym2}. Second box will provide you with the article generated by the tool and the third box will have the article that you originally used.

That’s it every time you use click the spin button you can get different unique versions of the article. If you find it difficult here is another tool that you can use.


This is a very helpful tool, as you are allowed to get as many versions of an article as you want. Remember the syntax code generated from the best free spinner tool.

You can just copy paste the codes here to get your articles. At the right hand side you have fast article spinner options, where you type the number of versions you want. It can be one, five or ten or as many as you want. Just a click on the spin option and you get your unique article ready.

The above tools are very handy if you are not into writing articles every time you need them. You are definitely going to love it. In case the above mention spinners are not available you can refer to these too:

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